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Creating Talent Pipelines For Colorado Businesses

Today, the burden of preparing the newest members of Colorado’s workforce for success falls directly on our schools. But, the skills necessary to thrive in a 21st century economy are evolving rapidly, and the manufacturing industry is having difficulty finding employees with the appropriate competencies to effectively fill in-demand jobs.

A significant percentage of the manufacturing workforce is nearing retirement, and as they leave the factory floor,

so does their knowledge and expertise. Thus, vacancies are increasing, but the new generation of workers don’t have the depth and breadth of knowledge to fill the void of industry veterans.

With modern youth apprenticeship, manufacturers can mitigate some of the pain felt by the skills gap. By piquing students’ interest early, manufacturing companies can begin developing students’ knowledge and tailor their skillset to the company’s needs.

Modern youth apprenticeship works with schools and businesses to create rigorous applied-learning environments and an effective, positive ROI talent-acquisition.


Benefits & Success Stories

Teaching work ethic, teamwork and reliability

It gives me a new appreciation for getting the job done and done well. When someone else is waiting for a part, I need to make sure the system keeps running. Otherwise it brings the whole team down.

Jordan | Advanced Manufacturing Apprentice | Reata Engineering
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